Our Services

B2d semago’s tax practice is focused on the taxation of its business clients in whatever form they may take. However, these businesses are owned by individuals whose taxes are generally influenced or controlled by the business.

Further, many of these businesses are required to report economic financial results to others (banks, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, etc,). Economic results are seldom the same as reported on tax returns – simply because different reporting rules apply. Failure to recognize these differences can and does result in unforeseen problems or missed opportunities.

B2d semago spends a great deal of its tax practice time planning for beneficial tax positions while balancing with the economic picture. Our goal is to report the true economic position to outsiders while reducing taxes to minimum allowable amounts.

In addition to the above, B2d’s tax practice includes, among others:

  • preparation of various Federal, State and local tax returns for:
    • corporations (foreign and domestic)
    • partnerships
    • limited liability corporations and partnerships
    • estate, trusts, and gifts
    • individuals
  • individual and business tax planning for transactions, opportunities, and changes
  • client representation before Federal, State and local taxing authorities

B2d semago maintains a state-of-the-art tax research library and tax services that keep us fully informed of changing tax laws and regulations that may affect you.