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Building businesses since 1986.

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Over 30 years of CPA service to the Tampa Bay area.

Over the past 30 plus years, the practice of public accounting has evolved from being professional "bean counters" to that of trusted business advisors - offering services far beyond traditional accounting, tax preparation, and bookkeeping. Talk to us and see how we are different. The firm's office is in Tampa, Florida but we operate mainly in the North Central and West Florida areas.

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We are modest in size, but we have been lucky to be able to successfully provide services to both large and small businesses. Our larger clients have always been well beyond that expected of a firm of our size. However, these larger clients give us perspective and insight that, at times, can be applied to our smaller clients.

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We provide high-level traditional services expected from a CPA firm while providing needed advisory services in many areas a business and its owners may encounter.

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Don’t choose us because we strive to provide high quality and technically correct traditional services. Choose us because our focus has always been on the business, the owners and their respective welfare.

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When B2d’s principals started the Firm in 1986, we accepted the fact that we had to be more than “bean counters”.  As such, over the years we have constantly improved our business advisory skills while maintaining a high level of technical skills.

All businesses generally have three major needs. Simply put they are:

  • Operations – This is where the work gets done to produce and deliver a product or services that is sellable;
  • Marketing – This is the part that finds and sells the product or services to customers;
  • Financial – This Is the part that finds the money to fund operations, keeps a financial scorecard of how the business is doing, and rewards the owners (risk takers) for success.

The above is true in almost every business. However each business within a specific industry has different operating, marketing, and financial characteristics, and probably, are affected by different economic factors. To service clients in a particular industry first-hand knowledge of the industry is required. B2d semago has extensive experience with the following industries;

  • Commercial construction contractors and related industries
  • Credit Unions, banks, and other financial related entities
  • Retail/ wholesale /distribution
  • Professional and other service companies
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Not-for-profit organizations

Please contact us for a full description of services we have provided to these industry groups.

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John Semago Jr., CPA, CCIFP

John is one of the original founders of B2d semago in 1986. Since the Firm’s inception, John has built an outstanding reputation within the Tampa Bay business community with both clients and those that service those clients.

Part of this reputation is based on his knowledge of business operations, especially the construction industry, and both the tax and financial situations affecting those businesses. Further, John understands what it takes for a business to work and is able to use his expertise to help make a business perform better.

Although John has an enviable range of training and experience, he is definitely not your normal accountant, a fact that he is most proud of, and should be. Clients find his straight talking and personal business knowledge reassuring and know he is definitely not a ”bean counter”.

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Linda L. Churchill, CPA, CVA, CFFA, CCIFP

Linda, a certified public accountant since 1983, has been with the firm since 1991. She has primarily worked in the audit arena, but has experience and certification in business valuations, financial fraud analysis and construction operations.

Linda is known and respected for her knowledge of accounting, auditing and business issues, and for her loyalty and dedication to the clients she works with.

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The B2d Staff

While the principals of the Firm bring a lot of experience to the table, our staff gets the work done and have major interaction with our clients.  Our primary staff members have been with the Firm for a substantial amount of time and operate within the Firm’s “how we do it here” philosophy.  We, the Principals, could not operate without them.